Camillia Monet – Top Female Entrepreneur in Hollywood of 2015


LA Splash Magazine has named Camillia Monet as one of the Top Female Entreprenuers in Hollywood in 2015. We couldn’t be more excited!

“Camillia Monet, actress, writer, producer, has not been easily deterred by the male dominated entertainment industry. Having grown up as the youngest of five sisters and one brother, Monet learned very early that being female did not mean being meek or passive. Possessing a healthy dose of competition was key to becoming noticed in the household. Later, prior to receiving her Masters from Yale School of Drama, Monet began competing for the more substantive male roles including landing the self-titled lead in Richard III.

Once in Los Angeles and facing the reality of the high male-to-female ratio of acting roles, she changed her career strategy to include the entrepreneurial aspects of producing by attending the highly reputable UCLA Producers Program. That same year, she founded Esperanza Productions, LLC (named after her mother, Esperanza). During the first seven years of business over 20 projects were produced.

Lionsgate acquired her latest film, Devil May Call (2014)–the latest achievement in a remarkable 20-year career in entertainment. Monet has also appeared in front of the camera in such hits as War of the Worlds (2005), directed by Steven Spielberg, playing opposite Tom Cruise, and Seabiscuit (2003) opposite Tobey Maguire. In television, she played recurring roles on shows such as Emmy award winning The Shieldand Saving Grace.”


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