Think Tank Thursdays at Esperanza Featuring Jill Dale

Thanks to the laws of attraction, we always attract amazing, powerful, and talented women into our atmosphere. Jill Dale has come to LA and taken the world by storm, and we’ve been lucky enough to be hit by her waters. We’d like to thank Jill for coming to hang out with us and shoot some amazing pictures. Camillia Monet and all the Power Femmes at Esperanza all love Jill and can’t wait to see her again! #inspirationalwomen

Award-Winning Costume Designer Janie Bryant

Here at Esperanza Productions we LOVE costume designer, Janie Bryant. After studying fashion design, moving to Paris and then New York to work in design, she moved to Los Angeles to follow her passion of pursuing her career as a Hollywood Costume Designer. We look up to Janie as a role model of success and passion! She empowers women and makes us here at Esperanza excited to move forward and pursue our dreams! She is our weekly example for Flash Forward Fridays!


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